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The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett

The Guttersnipes

by Scott Eric Barrett

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About Me

Charlie Daniels is more than six feet tall, allergic to almost everything, and has a pet dinosaur at home.  His life in Arizona is relatively normal.  That is, apart from the nightmares Charlie has…

But when his dinosaur, Trike, gets kidnapped by a strange old lady and her cat-like sidekick, Charlie and his misfit friend Arty are sucked into a story bigger than both of them.  Risking everything to rescue Trike, Charlie and Arty are flung into the past, landing in the sudden chaos of New York City, 1865.  At the same time, a ship pulls into New York harbour carrying P.T. Barnum’s newest acquisition for his museum.  This creature, however, terrifies even him…As Charlie searches for Trike, he draws dangerously close to Barnum’s eerie museum and the creature that lies within.  Will he find Arty and get home alive?  And who is the Ice Lady of his nightmares?

Favorite Movie:The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Book:1984
Favorite Fiction Character: Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

Favorite Nonfiction Subject: History

Favorite Book to Read to My Daughter: Humpty Dumpy

Inspiring Quote

​​"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”
– Thomas Jefferson

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Scott Eric Barrett

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The Guttersnipes

Santa Claus was betrayed on December 25th, 1913...

A hundred years later, 13-year-old Jimmy Logan struggles to come to terms with the tragic death of his older brother. The accident occurred on Christmas Eve one year earlier so Jimmy’s mother resolves to ignore the holidays altogether. Jimmy manages to keep his anxiety in check until a tiny man (Eènoog) confronts him and his little sister (Jenna) less than a week before Christmas. The anxious little guy claims to be Santa Claus’ last surviving elf. He insistsold man is frozen in a chunk of enchanted ice somewhere underneath the South Pole. He claims several undetectable cities have thrived down there for more than 5,000 years. “Only a child with an innocent love for Christmas can save Santa,” he quickly adds. “A child like Jenna.” Before Jimmy can drag her away Eènoog zaps him with a sleeping spell. Jimmy wakes up the next morning and finds a very distressed Eènoog standing over him. The self-proclaimed elf swears they were ambushed by Santa’s enemies. Jimmy has two choices: Join Eènoog on a dangerous quest through the magical realm underneath the Antarctic ice or lose Jenna forever…

​And in 2017...

A Christmas Wish

I am an award-winning freelance writer, novelist, and full-time editor born and raised in Glendale, AZ. I have published more than 50 articles for various newspapers, history magazines, and educational publications. My first novel, The Guttersnipes will be published in the second half of 2016. My new novel, A Christmas Wish is an exciting holiday tale that turns a ton of Christmas myths on their heads. Both fantasy adventures are fast-paced rides with twists and turns galore and aimed at young and middle-grade readers.

I LOVE History, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and any work of fiction that has strong characters and a subtle message. My wife and two wonderful children inspire me to work hard every day and stay resilient in a fiercely competitive industry that often forces young writers to give up on their dreams.